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“We take young people who are lost and don’t have a direction in life. We bring them into the business and give them the confidence to be able to perform, not only on the job scene, but also on the home scene.”

Jerome (Jerry) Some President & Owner
Some’s Uniforms Worldwide

Some’s Uniforms Worldwide is a privately owned business located in Hackensack, New Jersey. The company’s online store sells uniforms of all types: police, fire, EMT, scrubs, lab wear, military, transportation, and more. The company’s President and Owner, Jerry Some, believes in hiring at-risk youth, ages 18-25, who might be high school dropouts, estranged from their families, or even homeless. His successful track record for the past two years proves that he is giving these young people more than just a job—he’s giving them hope.


Jerry heard about the Bergen WDB’s “At-Risk Youth” program through his involvement with the Hackensack Homeless Shelter and from the WDB’s Executive Director, Tammy Molinelli. Because Jerry needed entry-level help in his warehouse, his business proved to be a good match for the program. Ultimately, what convinced him to hire these young people, though, was the time-saving benefit of getting pre-screened applicants: “I would say that 95% of the resumes we receive just are not qualified,” he said, “or people are under-qualified or over-qualified for the job position.” When he found out that he wouldn’t have to spend hours dealing with stacks of resumes, Jerry accepted the challenge.


Each new hire in the program starts with an entry-level, $10/hour wage. Typical responsibilities include handling incoming merchandise, placing it into inventory, labeling items, and organizing the shelving areas. Jerry encourages everyone he hires to use their work experience to get letters of approval for their good work habits so they can move on to higher-paying jobs in other companies. Or, when appropriate, he encourages them to go home to where they’re now welcome: “It’s a matter of them finding themselves and finding a way for them to get back into society, of doing what’s proper, rather than what their past history has been.”


Pre-screened candidates: “All the applicants were screened so we didn’t have to go through that laborious process, which is such a waste of time in many cases,” said Jerry. Qualified personnel: “We can rest assured that the people we’re getting are 100% qualified for the job position that’s open,” said Jerry, “and you can’t put a value on that!” Proven success: Of the six young people the company has hired in the past two years, one is still there, and the other five have found higher paying jobs in other companies. “I would call that a 101% success rate,” said Jerry. Productive lives: “We are able to take these young people and help them move forward with their lives and be productive,” said Jerry. “When they first came in here, they were completely lost.”

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