Partners and Providers

Our community is our strongest asset.

Bergen County’s Workforce System attributes its success to a diverse and robust network of private and public partners.

  • Workforce Development Board & Job Center Partners
  • Government & Workforce Agencies
  • Community Service & Training Providers

High-quality workforce collaborations combine insider knowledge, strengths, and resources to create adaptive solutions that meet the current and future needs of employers, employees, interns, apprentices, and prospective candidates.


Collaboration is our way of life because it works!

Forging partnerships and consolidating efforts enables us to achieve shared goals, and significantly enhances our capacity to adequately address some of our community’s most complex workforce issues.

The Bergen County Workforce Development Board (WDB) represents a cross-section of the community. The WDB brings together business and industry leaders, labor unions, public and private agencies, community and faith-based organizations, government and policymakers, and service and training providers to support workforce development.

These indispensable relationships and combined efforts not only create value for workers and employers — but the entire community.

 Shared Success

We work with our partners to:

  • Expand pathways to employment and advancement opportunities
  • Align training systems, programs, and services
  • Increase inter-agency referrals
  • Coordinate outreach efforts and initiatives
  • Combine and leverage resources
  • Inform and engage communities
  • Connect individuals and partners
  • Develop new pilots and partnerships
  • Improve workforce practices and policies

Service Providers & Requests for Proposals

The Bergen County Job Center (formerly One-Stop Career Center) does not deliver all services — some are contracted out to Service Providers selected through a competitive procurement process.

The Bergen County Workforce Development Board (Bergen WDB) periodically issues Requests for Proposals (RFPs) soliciting service providers or contractors to help operate workforce programs or perform other services.

RFP notices are published in the official county newspaper, on this website, and through other channels. Notifications are also made available through our Vendor Notification List. We encourage all interested organizations to subscribe to the Vendor Notification List.

Questions related to RFP’s should be submitted to the Workforce Development Board’s Office.

There are no active RFPs at this time.


After a solicitation through a Fair and Open Process, the Bergen County Workforce Development Board (Bergen WDB) announces its intent to award the contract for WIOA Out-of-School Youth Program to:

Greater Bergen Community Action, Inc.
392 Main St
Hackensack, NJ 07601


After a solicitation through a Fair and Open Process, the Bergen County Workforce Development Board (Bergen WDB) announces its intent to award the contract for the WorkFirst New Jersey Program to:

Women’s Rights Information Center
108 W Palisade Ave
Englewood, NJ 07631

Vendor Notification List

The Bergen WDB maintains a list of prospective vendors and bidders. If you would like to be placed on our Vendor Notification List to receive email notifications of various solicitation for goods and services, please complete the form below.

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Archived RFPs are stored in the Document Archive

Procurement Awards

Date Executed: July 1, 2020 | Contract Title: Out-of-School Youth Program | Vendor: Greater Bergen Community Action

Date Executed: July 1, 2020 | Contract Title: WorkFirst NJ Program | Vendor: Women’s Rights Information Center

Date Executed: July 1, 2021 | Contract Title: One-Stop Operator | Vendor: Bergen County Technical Schools

Workforce Partners

Incorporating a collaborative network of Community Workforce Partners, Service Providers, and Training Providers into the public workforce system increases access to and opportunities for employment and improves the overall quality of workforce investment activities.

As workforce intermediaries, the Bergen County Workforce Development Board continually seeks to cultivate new relationships with employers, individuals, and other organizations that are committed to creating innovative workforce development strategies.

Do you want to explore collaborating on a workforce initiative?

Cooperative efforts lead to shared success. We would love to chat with you about your ideas.

Grant Letters of Support

The Bergen County Workforce Development Board (Bergen WDB) supports its local community in their efforts to seek grant funding. If you are pursuing a grant and need a Letter of Support for a grant application, The WDB Executive Director will provide one when appropriate. Each request is given fair consideration; paying attention to the programmatic, fiscal, administrative, and legal aspects of the proposal as well as the anticipated outcomes.

All Letters of Support will be provided via email to the Requestor, and a hard copy can be provided by mail upon request.

As a courtesy, requests should be submitted at least ten (10) business days before the grant application deadline. The Bergen WDB cannot guarantee that requests submitted without sufficient time will be reviewed or approved.

Guidelines for Requesting Letter of Support

Please use the Letter for Support Request Form and be prepared to submit a link to the grant announcement, template letter for the Bergen WDB to endorse, and a grant project/program summary, including:

  • Target population and the geographic area serviced
  • Grant amount, how funding will be used, and how the program/project will be sustained after the grant period
  • Benefits such as job creation, matching funds, unique aspects, etc.
  • Any other information that will help make the proposal more competitive
  • How the project/program aligns with the Bergen WDB
  • Expected measurable outcomes and how effectiveness will be determined (evaluation process/report)
  • List of partners/collaborators (if applicable)

Need A Letter of Support?

Submit your formal request for a letter of support electronically by completing the Letter of Support Request Form.

Training Providers

Questions regarding the ETPL and NJTOPPS website? Contact the Center for Occupational Employment Information at

NJTOPPS Staff can also be reached by phone at the following numbers: (609) 292-0006, (609) 633-9827, (609) 292-6242, or by fax at (609) 292-6692.

Training Providers seeking to receive state or federal job training funds must be listed on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL), and any student trying to obtain state or federal job training funds through the Bergen County Job Center must select a program from the ETPL. The New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development (LWD) and the State Employment and Training Commission (SETC) maintains a comprehensive listing of all schools, organizations, and training programs on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) on the New Jersey Training Opportunities website (NJTOPPS) website .

Eligibility for publicly funded training benefits is based on occupations determined to be in demand. Training that leads to industry-recognized post-secondary credentials is also emphasized. Eligible individuals choose their course of study in accordance with New Jersey’s State’s Demand Occupation List . Demand occupation lists are also useful tools for students, job seekers, and workforce counselors.

Additional and related information on New Jersey’s Demand Occupations List can be found on the LWD website .


Are You An Eligible Training Provider?

Training Providers seeking to get approved and placed on the ETPL can apply on the NJTOPPS website. Registered Training Providers can access their account through the NJTOPPS website to view their profile, programs, and to report student enrollment and exit records.

Contact the Bergen County Workforce Development Board

Use the Contact Form below, or contact Bergen WDB directly at 201-329-9600 (OPTION 2).

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