COMPANY: Blisset Transportation

INDUSTRY: Transportation


“Hats off for the work you do on a daily basis. We are satisfied customers and will return.”

Ingrid Magliato, Hiring Manager
Blisset Transportation, LLC

Blisset Transportation, LLC in Carlstadt, New Jersey, is a worldwide transportation company that offers a full array of logistics services. Thanks to their own proprietary software, they are able to provide real-time proof of deliveries and tracking as well as management tools and reports, so customers know where their freight is at all times.


The company needed to fill a key position at the Carlstadt office, but they had never used the public workforce system before. They needed help searching for candidates and then qualifying applicants to determine the best person for the job.


Once the job was posted, the Blisset Hiring Manager, Ingrid Magliato, received dozens of resumes, but she needed help narrowing down the search. “The employment specialist at the Bergen County One-Stop Career Center told us about the option to monitor the number of candidates we wanted to receive at one given time, and then we were able to narrow it down,” said Magliato. In the end, the company was able to find a qualified candidate who matched their search criteria.


White-glove Treatment: “I believe that if your candidates get the white-glove treatment that we got, then you all are doing a tremendous service to those who are unemployed and looking for employment,” said Magliato.

Expert Assistance: The employment specialists at the One-Stop provided expert advice and assistance to both employers and job seekers throughout the entire hiring process.

A Qualified Candidate: “The person who applied for the job was well-prepared and professionally dressed for the interview,” said Magliato. As a result, the company was able to hire a qualified candidate, matched and referred through the Bergen County One-Stop Career Center.

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