COMPANY: Above&Beyond Care,Inc.

INDUSTRY: Healthcare

WEBSITE: Above and Beyond Care, Inc.

“I was only looking for office space, but the One-Stop Center gave me much more.”

Hali M. Cooper, CEO
Above & Beyond Care, Inc.

Above & Beyond Care, Inc. is a privately owned nursing staffing agency in Bergen County, NJ. It works closely with physicians, families, and clients to provide short- or long-term health care services at home or in a hospital, nursing home, or rehab center. The agency recruits and hires licensed nursing and home health care aides, as well as non-nurse companions and sitters, for clients of all ages.


After 15 years working in the health care field, Hali Cooper faced her own mother’s health care issues. Finding adequate caregivers for her mother’s problems was confusing. This inspired Hali to make changes in her life. She decided to start her own full-service company, one that would not only serve all client needs, but also work at a higher level to provide more benefits and better wages for the people she hired. Her town’s zoning regulations would not allow her to work from home, so she went to the One-Stop’s Bergen Business Resource Center. The Employer Representative didn’t stop at finding an office space, but also put Hali in touch with the Meadowlands Regional Accelerator program at Bergen Community College, which provides space, support services, guidance, and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs like Hali. As Hali said in a thank you note to her representative, “You believed in me even when my own family did not.”


Hali now has keys to an office right at the Bergen Community College (BCC) Lyndhurst campus, and she has the support of the staff there, as well as of the One-Stop Center. Because the health care industry is growing in Bergen County, her business may also be able to train and utilize interns from a new BCC program. “I’m inspired to do even more. I want to provide the workers I hire with their own health insurance and incentives. How can you provide service to a client if you have to work two or three jobs?” Hali only needs one more license and Above & Beyond Care, Inc. will be off and running.


Ground-breaking business: Above & Beyond Care, Inc. is a totally new concept that wants to avoid the loopholes that exist in present services. “I saw them first-hand with my mother’s care,” Hali noted.

More jobs for the community: “This is a growth market,” said Hali, “and I see this business expanding to include a New York office as well, since so many nurses already have NY licenses.”

Collaboration: Being part of the Accelerator Program provided information about synergy with another Health Professions Program at BCC and potential for student internships with Above & Beyond Care, Inc.

Networking: Above & Beyond Care, Inc. has already formed relationships with the Bergen County Urban League and the Women’s Rights Information Center, Englewood, and has completed the registration process for agencies associated at Englewood Hospital.

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