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The Bergen County Job Center is a full-service employment and training center that offers a variety of services, free-of-charge, for workers, job seekers and employers – including expanded virtual services.


Walk-ins are not permitted for UNEMPLOYMENT SERVICES.

For UNEMPLOYMENT, you must call 201-601-4100 or visit Unemployment Insurance Appointments .


Fast-track your way to a rewarding job in a growing occupation with short-term training!

From brushing up on basic skills to mastering specialized skills — you may be eligible for free employment and job training assistance through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

Many training programs lead to a certificate, which can help you qualify for more job opportunities and a higher salary. Some job training programs allow you to earn while you learn and provide a foot in the door. Most programs take only months to complete and can help get you into the workforce quickly.

We offer MANY programs (not just training opportunities) to help people looking for employment, including Job Search Assistance, Employment Counseling, Job Referrals, Resume and Interview Skill Development, and more!

Interested? Contact us today to see if you qualify. Call 201.329.9600 (OPTION 3) or complete the Service Request Form.

[1] Request Services

The first step for all new job seeker clients is to complete the Request for Services form.

[2] Training Orientation

The second step — for job seekers going for training — is to view the Virtual Training Orientation.

Do you need to upgrade or learn new skills?

Did you know NJ workers get FREE access to online training?

SKILLUP New Jersey is a FREE online learning platform with self-paced courses accessible 24/7.

Featuring 5000+ courses, 10 career pathways + skill gap assessment, 100+ industry certification preparation tracks, and built-in job search tool.

Plus, you can earn digital badges and certificates for courses you pass that can be added to your resume and LinkedIn profile.


The Bergen County Job Center hosts hiring events (including virtual job fairs) and a variety of monthly workshops related to job preparedness such as resume building, job search techniques, and interviewing skills – all free of charge.


Are you hiring? Let us help connect you to job seekers.

Finding the right talent can be a costly and time-consuming challenge. Whether you are looking for employees or training, we are here to help.

We work with our business and job seeker clients to determine their needs and develop individualized solutions to various workforce challenges – all at no cost – because we believe a working community is a strong community!

We offer various services to employers, including recruitment, referrals, job orders, job fairs, and layoff aversion.

Contact us today to learn more. Call 201.329.9600 (OPTION 3) or explore our site further.

  We Don’t Want To Be A “Best-Kept” Secret!

For employers, our key role is to help businesses find the qualified workers they need. Employers can pursue talent acquisition assistance, hiring and training incentives, upskilling their workforce, and more.

For job seekers, we help individuals access employment and training opportunities. Services include career counseling, job search assistance, skills assessments, resume development, training grants, and more.

For the community, we influence one of the most important planning processes – the public workforce system. Our deep connections to people, workforce intelligence, and resources provide the framework for demand-driven investments in employment and training programs for ALL community members.

We are a network of agencies, programs, resources, and human capital that provide strategic direction and no-cost business, employment, and training services to ensure a skilled workforce exists to support employer needs and economic expansion.

The public workforce system not only links business in need of workers with individuals seeking employment, it:

  • Promotes transparency and accountability to participants and taxpayers
  • Fosters collaboration between the public and private sectors
  • Increases the quality and accessibility of services that job seekers and employers receive
  • Develops innovative strategies and solutions that effectively address workforce challenges

Together, we are a partnership at work. Whether you are looking for employees, training, or employment, we are here to help.

We work with our business and job seeker customers to determine their needs and develop solutions to various workforce challenges – all at no cost – because we believe a working community is a strong community!


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We are ready to work hand-in-hand with businesses to bring together the resources needed to meet employers’ talent development needs – all at no cost. Our Business Services Team is dedicated to helping each employer achieve their unique workforce goals.

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We are helping individuals at all levels obtain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. Employment Counselors can get you on the shortest path to sustainable employment through a variety of free job seeker services, supports, and training programs.

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We are building bridges to employment. Our network of Service Providers, and Education and Training Providers play a vital role in preparing workers for jobs, especially those with barriers to employment. They also benefit employers by delivering better prepared and trained employees.

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Workforce Development Boards set workforce development policy and oversee the public workforce system, including Job Centers (One-Stop Career Centers), to strategically direct employment and training resources to demand occupations that drive economic development and strengthen talent pipelines.

The Board brings together leaders from business, economic development, education, labor, public agencies, and community- and faith-based organizations. Collaborative investments in jobs and skill development promote robust businesses, a prosperous economy, and brighter futures for job seekers. Join us in changing lives and businesses.

Announcing the Candidates for the 2022 Bergen WDB Officers Election

We are pleased to announce the officer candidates for the 2022 Bergen WDB election.

The nomination period closed on March 15, 2022. One nomination packet was received for each open position.

Voting will occur by roll call at the regular virtual meeting on June 1, 2022.

Explore each candidate’s documents to learn about their backgrounds and vision.

Chair, Jason DeStefano, Term July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2024

Vice Chair, Susan Aveta, Term July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2024

Secretary-Treasurer, George Charne, Term July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2023*

*this election was delayed due to pandemic